A complete guide and Steps of Joining Gigolo Jobs In Mumbai

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Do you want to work as a male gigolo? Well, joining a gigolo job in Mumbai is easy but you have to keep in mind that it needs to be secretive. In Indian society, it is not a great profession if you inform others that you are a male gigolo. So, you might want to consider this job as a part-time one. 

Male Gigolo Is Not All About Sex

Well, the mainstream media and normal press releases term male gigolo jobs as all about providing sex. Well, there is more to that. Male escort services involve spending time with their customers. Here they would have to go on a date, take part and become a partner for the customer in social gatherings, go for a dance with the customer, and provide rebound-breakup sex or relationship.

Of course, it sounds like a lot of work and that makes the pay a good one too. You get some good amount for the services you provide and if it is great you might be rewarded handsomely with some extra money or expensive gifts. 

Becoming A Member On Online Gigolo Sites

To join gigolo jobs in Mumbai or other Indian states, it would be best if you become a member of online gigolo sites. Rather than taking the assistance of agents or marketing yourself, the online website of gigolo services will improvise and increase your reach.

These online gigolo sites will make sure that you get genuine clients and ones that are ready to make payments. Also, you get to spend time with different girls each month. Most importantly, they would make sure that your profile is secretive and not known to others. 

In online male gigolo sites, they would keep your personal data hidden from others and even from the client. All the clients would be shown are your photos and physical details. How Can You Join A Gigolo Job In Mumbai?


There are certain steps you might need to follow.

► Research for a good online gigolo website. 

► Go to the online gigolo website and register using your email id and phone number.

► Upload some good pictures and your details.

► Provide your Pan card or Aadhar card details for activating your profile.

► Once the profile is activated, wait for clients to call you. 

► Females looking for gigolo services will come to the website, check various profiles. If they find you attractive and best, they will contact you.

► Discuss with them and attend the meeting at the designated place.

► Do the required services and get paid instantly. 


Sometimes if you are really good and provide above-expected services, then you might get expensive presents. 
A Gigolo Job Is A Comfortable Job

Unlike other jobs, a gigolo job in Mumbai is easy and provides great income. Most of your clients whom you get from the online gigolo websites are rich and these women are always on the lookout for persons who can spend time with them. These rich and hot women would be having great partners or husbands. Their personal and sex life would be not that great. In such a case, they would be needing a person to speak, spend time, and even make love on the bed. By joining a gigolo job in Mumbai, you are satisfying the mental and physical requirements of women. 

Live A Great Lifestyle Being A Male Gigolo

Each person would want a great lifestyle that helps them to live lavishly and have great comforts. Being a male gigolo would be a great career option for you if you are that person. Of course, you might have to keep this career secret from others, as society is still

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