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Gigolo job in Kolkata,

Are gigolo jobs good for earning decent money? Just ask an experienced male gigolo and you would get the reply. Male gigolos earn decent cash that helps them to live a lavish and great life. So, if you are planning to be one, dont be shy about trying out this job profile.

Male Gigolo Jobs Are Not About Sex

One might think that the job of a male gigolo is all about providing hot sex and doing great on the bed. But that is not all of it. As a male gigolo, you have to provide comfort and companionship to your lady customers. You need to spend time with them and go on date, attend functions, and be like their temporary boyfriend.

Ask any make gigolos and they would tell you that some women like those men who spend time with them and provide a shoulder for their worries and hear out their problem. Some go for male gigolo services as rebound sex.

Benefits Of Being A Male Gigolo

Some of the advantages of joining a gigolo job in Kolkata are –

You get to earn cash by exploiting your charm and body. At times you might not have a decent income and have a lot of financial commitments. In these dire circumstances, you can try for a gigolo job if you have the physical body and stamina.

Another major benefit of joining gigolo jobs is that you get expensive presents like a car or destination trip to foreign countries for your services. Most of the customers would be rich women and they would be ready to shower some expensive gifts if you can pleasure them a lot in the bed.

 Being a male gigolo Club helps you to increase your connections. When you are a trying for Gigolo job in Kolkata you get to interact with various high-society and rich people and their connections would be favorable for you in many situations.

 You get to improvise your physical and mental character. Being a male gigolo means you get to become entirely different from what you are in real life. For impressing the lady clients, you have to improvise the way you speak and your behavior. In short, you need to be someone who is of high-Class.

Steps In Joining Gigolo Jobs


The following are the steps you would have to follow 

  • ►First, you need to look out for a good online gigolo job site. It needs to be a genuine one that you can trust.
  • ► Next, you need to register on the website. Provide your email and phone number.
  • ► After that, you have to upload your photos and your personal details.
  • ► Provide details of your Aadhar card and pan card for updating your account.
  • ► Ladies who want gigolo services will go through the profile present on the Website. If they like your details and photo, they would contact you.
  • Speak with them and fix a place for an appointment.
  • ► Provide the required services and get paid right on spot.
  • ► If your services are great, some of them will provide expensive gifts.

Try For A Gigolo Job 


Well, not all people can become a male Escort or gigolo. People having a good physique and great stamina can become male Gigolo Job in Kolkata. Most importantly, they need to have looks and know how to make women happy sexually and emotionally.

So, if you have such qualities, then you can become a great male Escort and gigolo.

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