Steps To to Join A Gigolo Job In Ahmedabad

Gigolo job in Ahmedabad,

Many of you might have heard the word male Escort, gigolo, but there are still certain people who are not aware of what this sector or job profile is about. Well in this article, we can check out who or what male gigolo is, and how one can join a gigolo job in Ahmedabad.

What Is Male Gigolo?


Gigolo or male escorts are just like normal people. They are experts in providing company to others. So, in simple terms, these male gigolos are individuals providing their time for physical comfort or company to females in exchange for money.

Actual Work Of A Gigolo


Well, the actual work of a gigolo job in Ahmedabad is to provide companionship and most of it is sexual pleasure. Certain women book male gigolos to serve as dancing partners or escorts for their good social skills and manners. In India, most women book male escort services for sexual services.

How Can You Get A Gigolo Job In India?


To join a gigolo job in Ahmedabad there are certain steps you have to follow. The steps are something that a newbie or a person who is venturing into the male gigolo field needs to follow.

Step-1: First you need to visit a good or reputed online gigolo website. (You should research a lot before you go to this website).

Step-2: Next upload some good pictures and your details.

Step-3: You have to verify your phone number, email, and upload Pan card or Aadhar card, etc for activating your profile.

Step-4: Next females in Ahmedabad or neighboring cities will check out the profiles on the online website. If they find yours suitable, they will call you.

Step-5: Attend the meeting and perform the required duty.

Step -6: Get paid as soon as you do the activity. If you are good, you might get an expensive present.


What Are The Requirement For A Gigolo Job ?


Like most of the jobs that you see, a gigolo job in Ahmedabad does not require any degree or certification. You wont need to go for some crappy online course to become a male gigolo.

Of course, you are going to gain good money and it is a full-time job. And the best part is that you wont have any kind of job cut or factors like recession affecting you. It depends on how well you can handle the client, get them to spend time with you and even your performance in the bed. But that doesnt mean that it is an easy job. There are certain parameters you would need to follow. Well, keep in mind that not all people can become a male gigolo.

The following are the criteria you must pass to join a gigolo Club

The individual has to know English, Hindi, and the local language

 The person should be well-mannered and decent.

It is important that the candidate must dress as per the occasion. His dress style needs to be perfect and charming.

 Also, the candidate must be clean and hygienic.

 Most importantly, the candidate should not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

 The person should not be affected by LSD.

What Kind Of Women Book Male Gigolos?

Ultimately, to join a gigolo job in Ahmedabad, you must have a good understanding of the people who might book you. and other places, women who are not sexually satisfied and alone are the ones that book a gigolo service. These women might be wealthy and they would need a person who can spend time with them. Also, they would like these male gigolos to be their partners during a dance, party, or social event. Most importantly, these women might not be enjoying their sex with their husbands or partners. So, they hire male gigolos to satisfy their sexual thirst.

So, if you are ready, go ahead and join a good male Escort gigolo Job online.

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